Overcomer Framed Plaque

A stained wood frame surrounds this vintage textured image featuring a woman running.  Words of encouragement straight from the Overcomer movie's script express the heart of father giving hope to his child.  The universal message found in the script is clear.  Our Heavenly Father has hope to give to all His children.

From the creators of War Room, the Kendrick Brothers' newest movie releases August 23, 2019. 

Visit the Overcomer website here:  http://www.overcomermovie.com/

"When your body tells you that you can't do it, don't listen to it; it will tell you that you should quit.  But tell your body that your mind is in charge today.  Give God your best.  Victory or defeat happens in your head fires.  Think like a winner."

Dimension:  14x14

Affirm Films A Sony Company (c) 2019 Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc.


Call for military discount: 918-582-3600.

Military Discount

Call for military discount: 918-582-3600.