Overcomer Child of God Canvas

Stretched, gallery wrapped canvas with a stunning image of a cross featuring a vintage textured look.  Words from the Overcomer movie script that express the heart of a young woman's first and trans-formative understanding of faith.  The main character's words ring true with those who have experienced it for themselves.  For those who have not, this offers a visual glimpse into a possibility maybe not yet considered.  Walls can be a witness with this design by Carpentree based on the script of Sony Pictures and the Kendrick Brother's new film.  

From the creators of War Room, the Kendrick Brothers' newest movie releases August 23, 2019. 

Visit the website here:  http://www.overcomermovie.com/

"He redeemed me so I am wanted.  He showed me grace so I could be saved.  He has a future for me because He loves me.  So I don't wonder anymore.  I am a child of God."

Dimensions:  20x16

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Call for military discount: 918-582-3600.

Military Discount

Call for military discount: 918-582-3600.