About Us

When I asked how the Carpentree business all started, Jordan Hobson, our Vice President of sales, smiled and leaned back in his chair. “Honestly, it started with my dad, Dan Hobson, who had a passion for woodworking and for his faith. He wanted to share inspiration with people through artistic expression. In 1976, he and my mother, Ginny, began to make wood-cuts and simple decor items out of my dad's shop in his garage."  In the early and very lean days of starting a new business, Dan frequented businesses around town and pulled unwanted wood from the dumpsters while Ginny worked as a nurse.  After the couple's two children were in bed at night, Dan and Ginny worked side-by-side to design (Ginny) and create (Dan) home décor inspired by their love of God and their faith in Jesus.  

The Hobsons began their entrepreneurial journey by taking their designs to various craft shows until they met another couple, who had knowledge of the Christian book and gift industry.  This couple encouraged the Hobsons to take their products to the Christian Booksellers Association international trade show (Now called UNITE). 

The art and gifts were so well received they had concerns about how they would fill all the orders! Christian book and gift stores flocked to their booth and loved their fresh and new products, including wood cut-outs, simple framed designs, and placemats featuring the sign of the dove. As the business took flight, they were able to move into a building in downtown Tulsa, purchase equipment, and hire a full staff. Carpentree had grown from a hobby into a viable organization that was gaining national attention. 


In 1995, the company outgrew its downtown location and moved to a new building, where it began to sell to businesses like Lifeway, Family Christian, Mardel, Dillards, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Penny's, and many more retailers in both the Christian and general market.

From simple wood cut-outs to framed art to a myriad of gifts and decor, Carpentree became known and is still known today for its ability to create art and verse harmony and bring inspiration to people in all walks of life through a variety of both gifts and home decor.

After acquiring The Faith Collection in 2015, Carpentree was able to expand its design team and product line. In early 2016, the company moved to yet a larger building with more production and warehouse space. What does all this mean for you? Beautiful, quality artwork and gifts created and delivered to you faster than ever before.  

Check out our Facebook and Instagram to discover decor tips, design inspiration, our team in action, and more.  True to the mission that began in 1976, we are here to bless, encourage, and inspire you!