New Year, Fresh Start: Be Your Best Self in 2018

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Are you going into the New Year with the best intentions to kick unhealthy habits, resolve old debts or achieve goals that reflect your best self? If you’re looking for a fresh start in 2018, begin with reviving your faith and rooting down into your relationship with God. Let your conviction serve as the base that supports your goals to restore your health and be the best version of you throughout the entire year. Here are a few of our favorite bible verses that serve as affirmations for the New Year.

Step forward with hopefulness

Look back with gratitude and look forward with hope. Make space for joy and peace. Know that God is not done.

Open your heart to God

Allow God to do his cleansing work within you to restore your spirit in the new year. Ask for forgiveness and stand unwavering in your commitment to fellowship with God.

Let Him lead the way

Be patient and present, and let the Lord show you the way. Have faith in His divine guidance and find comfort in knowing that you are not blindly walking this path alone.

Stand firm in your faith

Know that you are meant to rest in God’s understanding and not your own. Surrender your heart, body and soul to Him. Acknowledge him in all areas of your life: work, marriage, finances, parenting, and so on. When you fully trust in God, He shall direct your path.

Bring your troubles to God

Let this be proof of God’s willingness to help. Nothing escapes God’s knowledge. Nothing is too impossible for Him. Trust in him. He has the power to help his people.

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