Introducing Wabi-Sabi Art: The Top Design Trend of 2018

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Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese philosophy that dates back to the 15th century. It was a reaction to design trends at the time that were very extravagant and ornate. In contrast to this excessive style, Wabi-Sabi art embraces the acceptance of imperfection. Expected to the be the #1 home design trend of 2018, Wabi-Sabi art makes old things new and treasures time-textured objects. Carpentree is excited to introduce our very own interpretation of this style with our Wabi-Sabi Collection.

A knothole, a jagged edge, a crack in the finish and other evidence of the passage of time and bygone days are celebrated in Wabi-Sabi design. However, Wabi-Sabi fills the broken cracks with gold and time-textured goods so that these imperfections are not only accepted, they are embraced.

Wabi-Sabi art is similar to the rustic feel of Farmhouse style in that they both celebrate old things. They embrace the time-textured storied look with weathered wood and cracked clay bowls. They create a comfortable, casual feel to contrast the lavish, formal decorating styles of the past. Unlike Farmhouse style, Wabi-Sabi adds a new touch with gold, silver or other elements. It makes something old into something new.  

When you think about it, the Christian life is like Wabi-Sabi design. God accepts us as the imperfect beings that we are. It is His hands that add the gold touch to fill in our broken places and to make us into something new. He embraces us... cracks, jagged edges and all!



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