Introducing GraceLaced: The Story Of Collaboration

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When the Carpentree design team came across the beautiful artwork of Ruth Chou Simons and GraceLaced, they saw a unique opportunity to collaborate and share the truth of scripture. Her interest in how the gospel intersects daily life aligned perfectly with our mission to design, produce and distribute décor and gifts to bless, encourage, and inspire. The team also envisioned a product collection unlike anything we had done before.

Photo courtesy of author and artist, Ruth Chou Simons of GraceLaced.

“Ruth's use of color and composition in her works of art are what caught my attention,” says Kenton McCracken, Design Coordinator. “Her choice of color is excellent; each picked to complement the others in the design. I love how the hand-lettered typography is tied together with the art, creating a unified feel.”

We’ve long been known for our framed art with mat cuts, but Ruth’s delicate, hand-lettered scripture and watercolor designs inspired our team to create a simple farmhouse feel on homespun canvas. A look that is on trend in the marketplace today.

“Her art is fresh and trendy,” says Natasha Voss, Carpentree Product Designer. “The watercolor look is feminine and just beautiful!  I really loved the hand-painted lettering, too.”

Artist, author, entrepreneur, and speaker, to name a few, Ruth is also a wife and mother to six boys. She started her GraceLaced blog in the summer of 2007 out of a “desire to find God’s grace laced through everyday life.” In 2013, she joined a blogging challenge hosted by the Nesting Place. The theme she chose was “Drawing Close,” combining her two passions: drawing/painting and nearness to God. After Instagram posts of her artwork for #drawingclose garnered interest from those wanting to purchase her works, she decided to open the GraceLaced Shoppe.

“I had found new energy for drawing and painting, even with little ones in tow, because the artwork was now born out of a desire to reflect the Creator and not to fulfill my own dreams,” says Ruth.

Photo courtesy of author and artist, Ruth Chou Simons of GraceLaced.


Much to her surprise, her work and words gained a worldwide audience. Today, she is the sole painter and the ‘accompanying truth-teller’ for the GraceLaced Shoppe and GraceLaced blog, with the help of a small team, including her husband, Troy.

Her watercolor style and hand-painted lettering are also available in her new Harvest House book release:  GraceLaced: Discovering Timeless Truths Through Seasons of the Heart - Available now! Along with her gorgeous brushwork, this volume takes you through 32 seasonal devotions from Ruth, encouraging readers to draw close to God through His powerful word and faithful promises.

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