How to Style a Tray in 5 Easy Steps

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If there is one thing that can bring style and organization to your home decor, it’s a decorative tray. As one of the most versatile decorating pieces, trays can they be used in any room in your home while adding a personal touch to fit any style. No wonder they are such a popular decorating trend!

Our experts have pulled together 5 simple steps for you to complete this chic look in your home.

  1. Choose a theme: Whether you’re styling a tray for seasonal or year-round decor, choosing a theme will help you select items to create a unified look. One of our favorite themes for March is Easter and Spring!

  2. Pick decor items your love: This is your chance to highlight items that are special to you! Select your favorite keepsakes, home decor items, and flowers or greenery to show your unique personality and style.

  3. Obey the ‘Rule of Three’: Odd numbers are not only more visually appealing when it comes to decorating, but they also create a casual and relaxed feel that completes the warm atmosphere we desire in our home. While 3 tends to be the magic number, you may also choose 5 or 7 items, depending on the size of your tray.

  4. Variety is key: In addition to odd numbers, choosing a variety of heights, colors and textures will also be pleasing to the eye. Start with the tallest item to create a reference point, then play with the positioning of your items until it feels just right!

  5. Select a tray: Once you’ve selected a few of your items, it’s time to select a tray to pull it all together. Stick to your style theme, whether it’s modern, traditional, shabby chic, etc. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! For example, an old drawer flipped upside down can add height while complementing the style of your theme.

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