How to Make a Summer Centerpiece in Five Minutes

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KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms shows us how to create a stunning summer centerpiece using the Bless This Home Glass Jar Set from our Thistlewood Farms collection.

Just in case no one else had mentioned it yet today...

...summer is here.

I know, RIGHT?
When did that happen?
Wasn’t it just Valentine’s o’clock?
Summer just showed up and it brought with it sweet tea and page-turning books and sand and sun and lazy afternoons.
If you are anything like me and your summer is full of lazy afternoons, I have the perfect project for you. It’s a simple, easy DIY that will make your house sparkle and your dining room sing.
All you need is this simple mason jar holder from my Thistlewood Collection and a few supplies.



This mason jar holder comes with a set of blue mason jars (my favorite color) wrapped with jute twine, twisted wire hangers and tied with galvanized metal tags that read:



The distressed wood holder has these amazing brushed nickel reproduction handles on the sides of the container that give it a vintage look.
I love every detail.
It looks like a centerpiece container that needs a party.



Ready to get started creating your own simple centerpiece in five minutes?
Oh, good.
Me, too.



Three hydrangea blossoms (for each 3-jar container)


1. Start by trimming your hydrangeas

You want to cut them at an angle to allow as much water into the stems as possible. Hydrangeas come with clumpings of three leaves along the stem. I cut the stem to be about six inches and removed all of the leaves except for the clumping of leaves closest to the flowers.



2. Remove the lid
These mason jars come with lids that make them perfect for other projects, but we didn’t need them for this centerpiece.

3. Fill with water
I filled each mason jar about ¾ full of water.



4. Add flowers
I added three flowers to this centerpiece---one bloom for each jar. My best arranging tip? Turn the flowers on the outer mason jars out (like in this picture). That allows all the hydrangeas to fit nicely in the centerpiece. Fluff the hydrangeas and arrange them in the mason jars.

Here’s your finished centerpiece.
I used two of these containers and lined them up on my dining table.
If hydrangeas aren’t in season you could use peonies or roses or trailing ivy or one of your favorite flowers.



But my favorite part of this centerpiece?
These words inscribed on the side of the distressed wood holder:
“Bless this home.”
When I designed this piece---that sentiment was so important to me. I wanted a reminder that creating a home starts with heart.
And that is my prayer for you.
That your home be filled with love and joy and lazy summer afternoons.
Happy summer, friends.

- KariAnne Wood

creator of Thistlewood Farms


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