How Jelly Beans Changed The Way I Think About Color

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Have you ever opened an assortment of jelly beans and sniffed the fruity-lusciousness and stared enraptured by the rainbow of color in a box?

I have.

Just like certain candy-coated chocolate pieces taste better (illogically, green is my favorite) the whole jelly bean experience is enhanced by the color.

Color triggers our senses and makes us hungry, agitated, serene, happy, etc. depending on the color and hue presented. Staring into a jelly bean assortment it hit me: Here’s a fun way to experience color and use it to design inspirational gifts and décor.

Jelly beans come in all tints (white added) and tones (grays added), as well as flavors. So that means I should dump out the box and sort them out this way (and have a few in the process).  

Choosing 3 basic colors (because the rule of three is a good decorator’s rule), I found that using the tints and/or tones of my 3 picks also offered some great color combos. These combos paired with a neutral lead my designer’s head to a happy place where a great product or great décor look can begin.  Pairing great art (the original art for these was hand-painted first by one of our fabulous graphic artists) and good words of faith, hope, love, encouragement, or grace make fabulous inspirational gift and decor designs!

 Whimsical Animal Flamingo

So I say that décor and gift product design departments need more than a color wheel or graphics tools with a color picker. We need more jelly beans. The combinations become amazingly visually delicious and satisfy the sweet spot of great design.

Need proof? Here are some more happy designs that pair tints and tones of island punch, sizzling cinnamon, sun-kissed lime, and blueberry to create a great look that is perfect to spread a little colorful happiness in a child’s room, a laundry room, a bedroom, or any space that needs a pop of fun color.

Jelly beans, anyone?

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