How to Add Inspiration to Your Busy Day

Posted by Sherry Morris on

What is your first thought when the alarm goes off in the morning? Does your mind fill with the long list of to-dos for the day?

The nagging sound of the alarm first thing in the morning can be a rude awakening. The mind is quickly thrown from relaxed to a state of panic as it runs through the long list of to-dos for the day.

We believe the right words can set the tone for the day and have the power to shape the lives of those we love. As an art and gift company, we want to bring the power of positive messages to your day. This was the inspiration for our Promises in Stone - Granite Collection.

It’s tempting to rush into and through your busy day without pausing to spend time with God. Here are a few ways to use these table top decorations to infuse your day with inspirational words despite your hectic schedule.

  1. Add your favorite Promises in Stone scripture to your bedside for a motivating reminder of God’s promises when you wake up and before you go to bed.
  2. Place one of these table top gifts in your office and remember to take a moment to breathe when the day gets stressful.
  3. Inspire the whole family by adding these inspirational pieces to your family room as a reminder that words of encouragement are always near.

In a world where negativity flourishes, words of encouragement are needed now more than ever. The Word of God on these table top gifts add the promises of scripture through the artistic medium of polished granite. Stand on the promises of God with a solid reminder of faith to share from generation to generation.

Shop our Promises in Stone - Granite Collection now and add some inspiration to your days or give it as a meaningful gift to someone you love.

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